What is the Best Credit Card in Canada

What are the Best Credit Cards in Canada?

There are some really great card offers out there in Canada today and the best deal for you is going to depend on what you want from your card & it’s going to depend on your credit rating. We’ve featured what we feel is the best overall credit card offer in Canada today below, however if this offer doesn’t fit your situation then you’ll need to scroll down to view Canada’s top card offers by type.

Featured Card Offer

Top Canadian Card Offers by Type


Low InterestLow Interest
Credit cards with low interest rates
No credit, bad credit, needs improvement
Cash BackCash Back
Maximize your rewards by earning cash
Travel RewardsTravel Points
Collect points for travel expenses
Airline Credit CardsAirline Miles
Earn points on airline loyalty programs
Hotel RewardsHotel Rewards
Earn points for free hotel stays
Gas RewardsGas Rewards
Earn bonus cash rewards on gas station fill-ups
For Canadian students at an accredited college or university


Top Hotel Credit Card Rewards Cards in Canada

Whether it’s a family vacation or a local “staycation” getaway for just you and your spouse, you’re going to love how easy it is to earn free nights stays at Best Western or Choice Hotels with these really great bonus rewards deals.

Apply online now for your personal favourite hotel rewards program and start earning your free nights at some very nice hotels!

The bonus rewards that are on now are going to earn you some free nights stays very fast.

Apply online now to take advantage of these bonus rewards & you’ll have your first free nights stays faster than you ever dreamed possible!

Top Rated Cash Back Credit Card

The MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard is the top rated cash back rewards credit card in Canada because of the bonus cash rewards you get for your credit card purchases on the things you likely spend the most on, that’s gas and groceries.

When you sign up for this cash back rebate program, you’ll earn 5% cash back rewards at gas stations and grocery stores for the first 6 months and there’s no annual fee and that makes this deal that much better.

Apply online now to earn your 5% cash back rewards!

Best Low Rate Credit Card in Canada

Another one of the top benefits many Canadians want is to save money on credit card interest rates.

If you don’t care about the extra frills or rewards programs and all you want from your credit card company is a consistently low and reasonable credit card rate then the ScotiaBank Value Visa is the deal for you because this card gives you an ongoing interest rate that is close to half that of other credit cards out there today.

If the stability of a low fixed rate is what you’re after then this is the card for you.

Best 0% Intro Rate Balance Transfer Offer in Canada

If you’re currently in the market for a balance transfer card because you know just how much you can save with a 0% introductory interest rate then the MBNA Platinum Plus MasterCard is the right offer for you.

The Platinum Plus MasterCard from MBNA Canada is going to be of great benefit to you if you currently carry a balance with another credit card company because this offer features no annual fee and a 0% intro rate for the first 12 months!

That’s a full year of 0% interest on your balance transfers.

Take advantage of this deal to save yourself a lot of money and apply online now!

Top BMO Credit Card Offers

Shell CashBack World MasterCard®*from BMO®

BMO® World Elite™ MasterCard®*

Best Offer for Canadian College Students

If your a college student in Canada without a credit history then you don’t need to apply for a secured guaranteed approval credit card because you can take advantage of a really great deal just for Students from MBNA Canada, check out the deal they’ve got for you, featured above. This is a really great first credit card to get!

The MBNA StudentAwards MasterCard is simply the best credit card out there today for college students in Canada because it features a cash back rewards program with no annual fee and all you really need to qualify is to have a fair credit rating which means you have some way to pay your minimum amount owing and not have a previous credit card that you didn’t pay.

Take advantage of the MBNA StudentAwards offer and apply online now!

Top Rated Secured Credit Card

If you’ve had some credit problems in the past and need to rebuild your credit then the Capital One Low Rate Guaranteed card is the best choice for you.

This offer is also a really great option for people with no credit that need to start building a credit history.

When you’re asking yourself “What is the best credit card in Canada?”, there isn’t one simple answer. The fact is there are several different types of credit card applications out there and the best offer will depend on a few factors such as your credit rating and what type of extra perks you’d like from your credit card.

Cardperks.ca is dedicated to reviewing and finding the top rated credit card offer in each card category to help you find the credit card deals that will work best for you.

To make the most of this site you should scroll through the list of various credit card categories and look through the offers in the categories that’s going to best suit your personal financial needs.

The Canadian card offers featured above are the best in class listed by card type.

Take advantage of the deals that are on right now because credit card companies reserve the right to change these limited time deals without advance warning!

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